Upcoming Events


Gene Ess & Fractal Attraction

  • Concert / Friday / 12$ / 8pm
  • Why Not Jazzroom, New York


Mostacho's Xprmnt / Luis D'Elias Group

(Feat. Song Yi Jeon) 

  • Concert / Friday / TBA / 8PM 
  • The Flat, Brooklyn, NY

​"This girl sings music,, and makes it sound upside down,,,, while it's right side up!" 

George Garzone

Song Yi Jeon's First  EP Album 

Is Now Online!!!

"Song Yi was born to be a singing bird that sings and flies effortlessly in the rainforest to enrich the goodness of the earth, I believe. Listen to her one more time....... Am I wrong?" 

 - Tiger Okoshi

Song Yi Jeon

Jazz Vocalist